Shady Hollow MUD is considering changing from a flat rate billing for wastewater collection services to a billing based on actual water usage during the winter months. If adopted, wastewater rates would be determined by a customer’s water usage during the preceding December, January, and February. During these months, outdoor water usage is at a minimum, so the water usage more actually reflects the amount of wastewater actually entering the sewer system. Customers who use less water during those months may see a lower wastewater bill than those using more water. Some people consider this a fairer method than a flat rate because it reflects actual wastewater generation and believes that it encourages water conservation.

The MUD employed a rate consultant to develop rates for the MUD Board to consider. The rate proposal chosen by the Board for consideration is summarized as follows:
A base charge of $50.00 ($57.50 outside the District), with an additional volumetric charge of $11.57 per 1,000 gallons ($13.30 outside the District) for usage between 2,001 and 10,000 gallons. During the first year of the new billing methodology, billing would be capped at 10,000 gallons of monthly water usage during the winter months to allow large water users to transition to the new rates.

The current fixed rate for wastewater is $82.41 for customers within the District ($94.77 outside the District).

Winter Average Water Use In-District Out of District
2,000 gallons or less $50.00 $57.50
5,000 gallons $84.71 $97.40
10,000 gallons or more $142.56 $163.90
Current Rate $82.41 $94.77

The MUD Board will consider this proposed rate change at its regular meeting on July 5, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. at the Shady Hollow Community Center at 3303 Doe Run Drive. Citizens are encouraged to express their views either in person or in the “Contact Us” section of this website.